Productive Jobs
Jobs with purpose, where your strengths can shine.

Camp Omega is a Non Profit 501(c)(3) Organization


We are not a normal program. When you stay here, you have agreed by signing a contract that you want to be part of the solution and all you can be. Many of you will even move on to full time ministry fields. Our goal is to work together for a great life style.

Abba Villages tries to address all of your needs by providing a safe home, mentoring and life skill training but also a job with purpose where your strengths can shine. We want you to settle in so we can understand who you are and learn where you fit in. Then we can help you succeed with low cost living, a job and great likeminded friends for the whole family, all right here.

Everyone will help but you do not have to work a job on site. Some people come to help and already have a good job, while others have jobs that don’t use their gifting, with to many hours or stress that may be hurting their families or they have no jobs. These are the folks we will try to retrain into areas that will help them grow and thrive. We will help you lower your cost of living, so you can work less hours, allowing more time for family and for outreach. You get to be part of the solution, which is so cool.

Parents, we also want to support you in the responsibility and gift that has been given you through the opportunity to raise Children. Our like families can share in daycare, schooling, ranch chores, fun filled activities and mentoring. As we laugh, play, work and learn from each together we can see everyone thriving in the areas they excel in and strengthened in areas they thought they were weak in. This is easy with a community of friends (people that really care) who are purpose driven. As we become united in the message we demonstrate by our walk to our families we see our children become confident, yet humble, well rounded and trained in life.

The first village will be the “Family Village” concentrating on people with children, foster families, single mom’s and families that are on their way to becoming homeless. The Jobs for the Family Villages will provide support for all of us to live and are as follows:

All phases of construction, agricultural, book keeping, office work, grounds maintenance, water systems, fountains, building tiny homes, carpenters shop, saw mill, mechanical, daycare and schooling for our children, outreach directors/teachers, agriculture, animal husbandry, a nursery, composting, worm raising, running a petting zoo, fish raising and fishing, small events/activities, parking, security and even parks and recreation workers.

We will also be making, teaching classes on, growing or harvesting products to sell at Olde Town America and special class times, like organic produce, hydroponics and aquaponic supplies, chickens, rabbits and other farm animals, old time tools, along with everything grown or home made on site like candles, soaps, jams, health foods, tinctures, oils, all cooking, candies, cookies, snacks, drinks, ice cream, jams, Jerkies, honey, dried meats, butters, milk, eggs, Christian or country themed nick knacks, Christmas ornaments, crafts and much more.

The list is endless as we all enjoy growing together but this area is for families, so it will not include anything with guns or hunting.

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