Sustainable Outreach
Training in life skills, core values and job training.

Camp Omega is a Non Profit 501(c)(3) Organization


We all agree the needs are huge for orphans, foster children, aged out foster children, single moms, widows, homeless families, veterans/men and many others like folks that are barely making it and on their way to being homeless or addicts. So many getting hurt from being overworked, striving to get more stuff, with addictions, getting lost along the way, no purpose or relationships and even destroying their families through divorce. They need something to look forward to, a feeling of hope by being given purpose so they matter and have value. That comes through training in life skills, core values and job training. They also need temporary, transitional and finally-permanent housing.

Everyone wants to help but nobody wants it in their back yard, so why not develop land in the country, surrounded by state lands where we have no problems with neighbors. The land is cheaper and in most country zonings there are categories that allow for charities and country commercial activities at a fraction of the price of land in town. I can explain this more in private with the right partner or ministry but basically we can do multifamily, retail and several commercial uses in most country or agriculturally zoned areas. We still need things in town but developer types who love the Lord could easily focus on the poor instead of only exclusive high end subdivisions. These projects can make good and incredibly safe returns while really reaching out.

It’s fun to be a hero. By God’s grace, we are blessed to have a chance to leave a legacy as the developers of subdivisions that will show how we can provide these jobs and lower the cost of living in several country locations. This also makes a huge impact on us and our families as we become more purposeful and focused while reaching out. We all get hope, peace and stability and they enjoy a wholesome quality of living in the country. This is a solution for jobs through businesses that will make money to fund more ministries, while filling these huge needs for jobs and lower income housing, that are not in a bad neighborhood. Everyone knows people don’t need free fish, they need to learn how to fish but also how to live and maintain a simpler life so they have time for God and family. No entitlement attitude, just a comprehensive helping hand.

We want to start with 20 acres on Omega Ranch Road (1/2 mile off SR 44), in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Next door we have 1,200 acres for several more large villages with needed buffers, surrounded by conservation lands and ideal for several country businesses along the tourist corridors of Daytona and Orlando. This provides a fantastic training center with lots of jobs and low cost housing for people in our programs. We will not sell the housing to the general public, so we can keep the area pristine. The larger property is also perfect for huge events to fund more charities while providing agricultural activities and education with an emphasis on living green, environmental protection and bringing families together with good old American values like “In God We Trust.

The prototype, We will have on site low to no cost housing for those taking life skills and jobs on site for those that need them. This will be a village of people that love the Lord, a few homes, some tiny homes, RV’s and community buildings for storage, gatherings, eating, library etc. We will all fund this together and expect it to be easily sustainable through rental of tiny home sites, a farm to table flea market and living history with a working farm that sells ornamental and food producing plants, hydroponics and aquaponics supplies, produce, eggs, some meats and other homemade items like candles, candies, jams, etc. The sales will be through a themed flea market in front and all vendors will have classes including hydroponics and aquaponics, making candles, etc. and still have most of the cabins and activities we have enjoyed at We will also have beautiful areas for tourist to enjoy with clay pizza ovens and charcoal grills around various fishing ponds, lush landscaping for picnics and gatherings. We will most likely have small parking fees to use these area and help fund the ministry.

We will move in the core residents first to establish the life style and core values before introducing folks in desperate need. There are several families and good charities ready to start but we want to know of any other groups that are doing a good job or want to be on site to do the ministry. Together we can provide a full support solution not just broken pieces of the puzzle. Many folks and charities do a good job on outreach but are failing in major areas. Our goal is to see who has the right heart and similar goals, then help them do better and become more self-funded in an area where these ministries can complement each other and help folks 24/7. These were just a few examples of what can be done with a group of like-minded folks in a village building relations with country commercial activities that provide great sustainable ministry, housing, jobs and strengthening families in positive ways. 

Who do we help? Besides the core support group, this first project will help Homeless or almost homeless families. Families can mean one or two parents with children. We have very specific requirements that we don’t really want to have in print to be easily viewed, allowing someone to change their story to get in. We are looking for people in need, that want to get better.

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