Abba Villages
Live safer, play harder, laugh more, love more, work less, serve daily and thrive!

Camp Omega is a Non Profit 501(c)(3) Organization

  • We want to help with homes, jobs, life skill classes, and mentors, all on site for those in need. A small village of supporting, loving core neighbors that enjoy helping each other.
  • Safe homes can be provided at $0 to $400 per month for a 3 bedroom because we are blessed to build the homes with volunteers, some paid labor and donated or low cost construction materials. The few dollars needed come through grants, donations and a few even loan the foundation money at very low interest rates-to reach out to you.
  • Incredible amenities and income from-parking fees to use our fishing ponds with clay pizza ovens, charcoal grills, gazebos, wooden decks, weeping willows, playgrounds and splash n play areas, Additional revenues from raising fish and farm animals, petting zoo, hydroponic and aquaponic gardens, selling do it yourself kits, plants, produce, classes, even u-pick areas and farm to table foods. We will also have jobs and more funding through Olde Town America where locals and the huge Daytona Orlando tourists will enjoy living history-themed shops and classes on all kinds of old school trades. These include candles, jams, soaps, old tools, blacksmithing, blowing class, chocolatiers, candies, baking, produce, taffies, smoked meats, canning, canned goods and much more
  • All owned by a 501c3 foundation run to fund outreach.
  • Each village is themed with housing, activities and amenities for like-minded people in one specifically targeted group per village.
  • Lots of onsite jobs actually focused on what you like to do, allowing you to shine with your own natural talent.
  • Required Classes and hands on training in Life skills, jobs and life on life training.
  • We are looking for folks that can help in many ways through, spreading the word, construction, mentoring and “Life on Life” by living on site as a core resident in addition to the folks in need in all of our villages.
  • Interviews and contracts will be required. We will not sell any homes as you must be in our programs in order to maintain the quality and goals of each Village.
  • The A Family Village and a Veteran's Village will be the first villages specializing in helping Veterans and folks with children, either already homeless or heading that way.

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