A village for foster care families that does not need government funding.

Keeping siblings together and supporting families with foster children.
You can enjoy helping the kids without doing it full time.

A village of like-minded people coming together to reach out and share in the responsibilities, based on their resources and strengths, all living on site. This will be for foster families focusing on abandoned children and keeping siblings together in the foster care system. Many want to help but don’t want to do it full time, give money to charities that are not sustainable or do not have the same values. A Quiet Place will be a ranch where they can grow and learn self-worth as they enjoy a wholesome environment full of mentors, activities and opportunities to be a blessing to others. Families that are not full time foster parents can also have homes on site to provide the help that is so needed but by the full time foster parents and even help with emergency placement of larger families as a temporary shelter

Children that have been constantly let down will heal as they live in a village of select families that are dedicated to loving them, showing that we can be trusted and giving them hands-on training in life skills.

Visitors enjoy the ranches healthier restaurant, organic produce/meat sales, nursery, fishing, petting zoo, classes in Hydroponics/Aquaponics and other activities will provide the funding to make it sustainable. We are planning a small air-conditioned dining area with a larger outside covered/screened in area and an additional outside deck along a pond that allows for over flow seating, all filled with plants and herbs. These guests may also interact with some of the children in a controlled environment as they fall in love and learn how they can become foster parents or adopt the children too.

Our Fishing pond can boil with hungry fish that are waiting for our guests to catch, filet and grill on the spot, run by retiree’s or mentors. They will multiply very fast with fish feeders and the children feeding them daily with old bread, etc. This makes for a beautiful and inspiring view for our diners and potential foster parents. This is also a great opportunity for father and son time for dads on the go to have a successful introductory experience with their kids.

The facility would provide jobs and training that can benefit a percentage of special needs and aged out foster children as many learn and develop skills in animal husbandry, food services, tourism, farming, landscaping, accounting, fishing and more. They would have an incredible resume that would allow them to work and provide for themselves. These children would have dreams and hope as they learn, grow, live and play healthier.