The Family Village
A paradise for families in need and folks that want to help them

Camp Omega is a Non Profit 501(c)(3) Organization


The Abba “Family Village” specializing in helping folks with children, either that are already homeless or heading that way by providing a safe neighborhood with low cost housing, good jobs, amenities, mentors, lots of education, including classes in life skills.

The residents in this program include people with need but also our core families that want to help with outreach by establishing a life style that encourages being purpose driven and learning balance by taking time for family. We can all learn together to spend less and live more, happy, fulfilled and peaceful lives through good habits that allow us to see our families thrive.

Core Residents; love each other and their children.

Residents; in need, want help, working on change and have children under 18. Must be in our program of Life on Life living and take classes to make this legal.

Perks; live with likeminded families, who want to help each other. Other parents and kids telling our kids the same thing as most of us share in home schooling, day care, maintenance, classes, activities, camp fires, music and lots of fellowship.

Amenities; parks, Olde Town America, Challenge courses and team building areas, fishing/picnic/event areas around ponds, petting zoo, most agricultural activities and classes including raising fish, farming and livestock, camp fires, memories with a huge family of friends.


Tiny home and RV site rentals

Hydroponics and aquaponics natural produce, plants and classes

Landscaped fish ponds, gazebos, decks, outdoor pizza ovens, grills, fishing and camping

Weddings, events, retreats

Flea market and living history-classes and selling what we make, grow and farm.

On site jobs; all maintenance, construction, farming and raising livestock, also cooking, teaching, mentoring, music book keeping, marketing, social media, making items to sell at Olde Town America. and much more.

Location; On SR 44 in New Smyrna Beach, Florida about 5 miles east of I-4

Example of housing costs; a 3 bedroom homes for $400 per month or a 4 bedroom for $500.

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